Terms of payment

  • 1. a) The rental price, including taxes, is payable in advance. 30% of that price is prepaid the day of the booking by means of a credit card transaction. The balance is automatically prepaid 30 days before the check in, by the same means and on the same credit card.
  • 2. The security deposit is automatically pre-authorized on the same credit card a week before the check in. The pre-authorization is valid until the inspection of the cottage by the owner, no later than one week after the check out.
  • 3. The lessee must report diligently to Prestige Charlevoix by e-mail of the cancellation of all or part of the booking. The lessee then has no right to a refund, because the owner may automatically withhold from the rental price already prepaid a fixed indemnity equal to that amount.
  • 4. In case of a late check-out or for an exceeding number of occupants or of occupied rooms, the lessee agrees to a rental price adjustment in accordance to current rates (accessible online : https://www.prestigecharlevoix.com/en/chalets). The owner may then automatically withhold from the security deposit the amount of any rental price difference, without prejudice to his other rights.
  • 5. In the event of damage to a leased property or when the lessee hands over the cottage in such a condition than it requires an unexpected housekeeping, an unexpected cleaning or any other unexpected maintenance, the owner may automatically withhold from the security deposit the amount of an estimate of the market value of the property or the cost of the required services, without prejudice to his other rights.
  • Other conditions

  • 6. The lessee declares that the cottage is rent exclusively as a vacation resort.
  • 7. The lessee must respect the private nature of the cottage. The lessee is bound to use any leased property with prudence and diligence. When checking in, the lessee must inspect the premises and immediately report to the owner of the poor condition of a leased property (a description of the cottage is accessible online : https://www.prestigecharlevoix.com/en/chalets). The lessee must report to the owner of any defect or deterioration of a property during the stay. When checking out, the lessee is bound to hand over the premises in the condition in which he or she received them. If the cottage is equipped with a spa, the lessee must hand over the spa with a water as clear and clean for bathing than when he or she received it.
  • 8. The lessee declares to be aware that the cottage is located in a natural environment, within a set of cottages for a recreational and touristic use. Under penalty of immediate eviction and without refund, the lessee ensures that any person who has access to the premises, at all time, complies with the law and behaves in a responsible and prudent way. The lessee ensures that nobody is disturbs the peace or causes abnormal neighbourhood annoyances. In particular, the lessee ensures the absolute tranquillity of the neighbourhood at night, from 11 pm, under penalty of immediate eviction and without refund.
  • 9. The lessee ensures compliance with the strict ban on smoking inside the cottage and with the strict prohibition of bringing or tolerate an animal inside the cottage, failing which he or she must pay for the cost of housekeeping, cleaning or other maintenance required for the complete and final elimination of odours or fleas, without prejudice to owner's other rights.
  • 10. The lessee ensures compliance with the strict prohibition outside the cottage to lay elsewhere than in an ashtray a cigar butt or a cigarette butt and with the strict ban on leaving garbage outside the cottage elsewhere than in a garbage can.
  • 11. Before the check in, the owner leaves toll free for the exclusive use of the occupants of the cottage during their stay the bedclothes (blankets, sheets, pillows and pillow cases) and some towels, toilet paper and basic household products. The owner is not bound to leave in the cottage personal hygiene products, some firewood (if the cottage is equipped with a fireplace) or a tank full of propane (if the cottage is equipped with a barbecue).
  • 12. The owner pays for wireless access fee to the Internet (if the cottage is equipped with Wi-Fi). The owner also pays, during the winter, for the snow removal of driveway and from the front door and for heating, except, where applicable, for the firewood.
  • 13. The lessee may not sublease or otherwise transfer his rights in this lease.
  • 14. This lease is governed by the Civil Code of Québec and other laws applicable in the province. The parties, when it is necessary to settle a dispute between them by a court, elect domicile in the judiciary district of the owner's principal residence, in the province of Quebec.

Limitation of liability

  • 15. The owner, his mandataries and their agents or servants are not liable for any material injury during the lease or related to the lease, unless the injury is due to his intentional or gross fault. In addition, the lessee is bound to warrant them the prudent and diligent use of the leased properties. The lessee is also bound to warrant them that any person who has access to premises, inside or outside the cottage, at all time, is complying with the law and acts with prudence and diligence. Therefore, the lessee is bound to indemnify and save the owner, his mandatories and their agents or servants from and against any proceedings and related costs and fees — judicial and extra-judicial — and any damages or related compensations.

Conditions to enter into a lease

  • 16. The person requesting to book the cottage offers the owner to enter into a lease using the features of Prestige Charlevoix's website (https://www.prestigecharlevoix.com/en/chalets), when the button for accepting online the provisions of the contract is clicked and, thereafter, when the form provided for this purpose is completed online. The lease is entered into only if all or part of the rental price is prepaid, when Prestige Charlevoix, in the name and on behalf of the owner, sent from its own official e-mail address
    (https://www.prestigecharlevoix.com/en/chalets), a confirmation e-mail to the lessee which details the booking and reproduces the provisions of the contract.
  • 17. The lessee declares to be of full age and not to be under a protective supervision limiting his legal capacity to enter into a contract.
  • 18. Prestige Charlevoix, for the purposes of this lease, acts as a mandatary exclusively in the name and on behalf of the owner and is not personally liable to the lessee.

Important Information

  • 19. Prestige Charlevoix is an independent company and is not associated to Sommets Charlevoix. The recreo-touristic equipment is only for their clients. Thank you for your collaboration.

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